Review: Samurai Mega Blade (Power Rangers Samurai)

When the promo pictures for the “Spin Sword” and the “Mega Blade” came out, I was interested, due to the apparent length of the swords. The Shinkenmaru was pretty much a tiny knife, and there’s nothing I wanted more than a longer Shinkenmaru (lol). I wrote off the Mega Blade as a fail due to the design, and the original thought that it wasn’t going to be used in the show. Sadly, the Spin Sword we ended up getting was even smaller than the Shinkenmaru. Fail! Fortunately, there was the Samurai Mega Blade, the first DX Weapon for the Samurai line. Not only that, it’s used in the show. But it’s a BoA product, it can’t be that good…can it? It can…Oh it can.

The packaging is really similar to the DX Dragon Dagger and the Nitro Blaster from the past two shows. It features the Red Ranger in Mega Mode, reaching out to hold the sword. The back shows some kid model with the toy, because you have to remember, these are children’s toys.

The sword itself comes in a compact mode. It comes with a holster similar to those that came with the last two DX toys so you can wear it on your belt like the cool kids. The sword itself is red and black in color, with silver accents for the blade portions, with some gold trim. Even in compact mode, the toy is rather large, being about the size of the Nitro Blaster in gun mode and the Dragon Dagger itself. Pull the trigger to get a stand by noise, then pull the chain like piece of plastic on the bottom and flick the sword backwards to swing the blade forward. It’ll lock in place and extend the blade all in one swift motion, playing a transformation sound similar to a mix of a Memory Gadget from Kamen Rider W and the ShodoPhone/Samuraizer sound. The sword itself is roughly 26.5″ long. This is by far the longest sword BoA has ever produced, and possibly the longest sword even BoJ has ever produced. The fact that the sword folds up into the carrier mode (used as a joystick in the Megazord cockpit) let them do a lot in fitting the length of the weapon in the small package. There are a lot of molded details, and the paint is pretty nice too, all things considered.

Sound wise, there are quite a few in the weapon. The start up noise is similar to that of the Shodophone/Samuraizer. When you press the trigger in compact mode, you get a standby noise we’ve heard many times. Pull the chain and flick to extend the sword, with a transformation noise similar to the Morpher. In Mode 1, you get a normal sword clashing noise. Pull the chain again to get to Mode 2, which features a sword slashing sound. Both of these are found in the Shinkenmaru. Mode 3 features a stronger power up attack, lion roar, and slash, like the power up attack in the Shinkenmaru. Finally, Mode 4 features this odd, catchy, Japanese like tune. It’s actually quite catchy.

Overall, the Samurai Mega Blade is probably the best weapon Bandai has made in…possibly ever. The sounds are faithful to the Shinkenmaru, with a whole new package. The length is a definite plus, and the fact that this is a sword that actually feels like a sword is the best selling point ever…it’s also the most basic one. Why didn’t they do this sooner?! Bandai, you got yourself a winner with this one. A must have, regardless of your view on Samurai as a show.


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  1. You do know that when combined with the blade part, the spin sword is longer than the shinkenmaru? Linear ranger on RB proved it so shinkenmaru=fail in the length department.

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