Review: Pokémon Zukan – BW Movie 2011 Special

Pokémon Zukan
BW Movie 2011 Special:
BW Black Hero Zekrom and BW White Hero Reshiram

I was honestly at a loss on what to name this review that wasn’t a million miles long. I settled with this. This set is actually two sets “BW Movie Black Hero Zekrom Ver.” and “BW Movie White Hero Reshiram Ver.” The Zukan line likes doing a set or two of figures relating to that year’s movie. The Victini film(s) received two sets, one based on each version of the film. The Zekrom set was released in June, 2011, and consists of Zekrom (new mold), the Reuniclus line, Golurk, Sigilyph, and a Scraggy and Victini diorama. The Reshiram set was released in July, 2011, and consists of Reshiram (new mold), the Gothitelle line, Hydreigon, Sigilyph, and a Scraggy and Victini diorama. While both sets have the same Sigilyph and Scraggy/Victini diorama, the other three capsules differe depending on the Legendary in the film, the Pokémon Damon uses, and then finally splitting Carlita and Juanita’s Pokémon between the two sets. For those concerned, most sellers on Yahoo Japan Auctions combine the two sets into one auction so you don’t end up with duplicates of Sigilyph and the diorama. As usual, all the capsules in these two sets are done fantastic. I’m particularly fond of the Golurk figure, as well as the diorama (I love both of those Pokémon). Like the other sets, they are only available in Japan, and can only be found on second hand shops like eBay or Yahoo Japan Auctions. While most kids probably won’t like the lack of action features, the 1/40th scale keeps all the releases in check, and with this much detail for such a cheap price, they’re great for older Pokémon fans.


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