Review: Sea Brothers Zord Vehicle (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Sea Brothers Zord Vehicle with Blue Ranger
$17.99 at Most Major Retailers

This review was done before the show premiered. As of this post, the names of the Zords are unknown. Used in this review are the names of the Japanese Headders translated. Post will be updated and annotations added when the information is known.

In Japan’s toy line, each tribe had an additional group of three Headders known as “Brothers”. Each set included the three Headders and a Gosei card. For America’s toy line, Bandai decided to add something to these Headders and put them in a Zord Vehicle set. Each Zord Vehicle comes with a horribly painted Ranger, the three Zords, and a hovercraft like vehicle that the three Zords can attach to.

The first is the Sea Brothers Zord Vehicle. This set comes with the Sawshark  Zord, Hammershark Zord, and the Manta Zord. The three Zords attach to a blue hovercraft that the Blue Ranger can drive. The figure is horribly painted, is stuck in a sitting position, and only features rotation at the shoulders and neck. The Zords are pretty neat. They each have a set of wheels to roll around. While the Japanese release had movable saws, extending hammers, and spring loaded fins, the American release removes all these features. You can manually move the saws and fins, but there isn’t any built in action.

To create the Sea Megazord, remove the Shark Zord and attach it to the port on the Snake Mechazord. Next, remove the Phoenix Zord and attach it to the port on the Tiger Mechazord. Remove the Gosei Great helmet. Attach the Sawshark Zord to the Shark Mechazord, the Hammershark Zord to the Phoenix Mechazord, and the Manta Zord to the head port of the Dragon Mechazord. Hurray pirates!

Overall, I love that Bandai America decided to do something unique with the Zords over here. I like the Headder gimmick, but my biggest problem was that they had nothing to attach too when they weren’t attached to Gosei Great. This way, you get a cool looking jet thing with some heads attached to it. It’s cooler than it sounds. I feel the price could certainly be cheaper, and at main retailers, it probably will be. Considering this set is needed for the Hyper combination, it’s definitely a must have and is certainly recommended.


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  1. Looks like the figure is the only let down. At least it comes with another card. If I only get one vehicle it’ll be this one ‘cos I like the pirate look the Sea Bros give the Megazord. 🙂

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