Review: Red Ranger & Robo Knight Masks (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Red Ranger and Robo Knight Masks
$9.99 Each at Most Major Retailers


Starting last year with Samurai, Bandai began releasing plastic masks that resembled the helmets of the Rangers. Bandai continued the trend with Megaforce by releasing the first two masks, the Red Ranger and Robo Knight. Each mask is simply a half mask, being open in the back with no end. The visors are both transparent, with the Red Rangers being tinted every so slightly black, while Robo Knight’s is tinted red to match the suit helmets. The detail presented is incredibly well done for a $10 mask. While the Red Ranger seems to have a slim chin, the Robo Knight one is a bit larger and a slight bit more spacious. The silver paint used on Robo Knight’s is really nice too. Each mask features a nose piece on the inside to rest your nose, as well as a elastic band with velcro to attach to your head. The area between the lips, as well as some slits on the side are on the Red Ranger mask, with the line design on Robo Knight being cut out to allow airflow while wearing the mask. Vision isn’t inpared all that much while wearing them, and despite the small for adult size, they’re still moderately comfortable. While they’re ultimately fitted for kids, a lot of adult heads should be able to wear the masks with no problem. I think the Red Ranger mask has some scaling issues, but I absolutely love the Robo Knight one. Included with each mask is one Power Card to add to your collection. Simple, but cool items.

Included Power Cards:

Red Ranger Mask
P-004: Megaforce Red

Robo Knight Mask
P-016: Robo Knight


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