Haul: 01-12-13

More toys and such! Finally got a late Christmas present and Christmas present add-on with a Pokémon Starter Deck and a Lego Chima set. It’s one of those Speedorz ones, and it’s pretty damn cool. Not gonna fall head over heels into Chima, but I might get some of the smaller sets to get some Minifigures, the Minifigures and the little Speedorz vehicles are pretty neat. Also picked up some Pokémon TCG promo sets I needed. Lastly I nabbed the two X-Men 7-Pack sets from the Disney Store to go on display with my Avenger sets. Well worth $7.50 a piece in my opinion! Really like them. Something also came in the mail, but it’s going to get a separate post tomorrow sometime.

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

01-12-13From Jeff & Ron:
• Pokémon TCG – Cold Fire Theme Deck
• Lego Chima – Equila Speedorz Set

From The Disney Store:
• Modern X-Men 7-Pack
• X-Men Classic 7-Pack

From Target:
• Pokémon TCG – Keldeo Box
• Pokémon TCG – Excadrill Promo Pack



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