Review: Pokémon Plastic Model Collection (PokéPla) – No. 27 & 28 Black Kyurem & White Kyurem Set

Pokémon Plastic Model Collection (PokéPla) – No. 27 & 28 Black Kyurem & White Kyurem Set
Retail Release – November, 2012 – ¥2,000


As predicted by me and several other Pokémon fans, Bandai has decided to put Black Kyurem and White Kyurem in a set together, this time in their Overdrive Modes. The set (still numbered 27 and 28) was released in November for ¥2,000. This tactic of including a slightly modified version started with Lugia & Ho-Oh, continued with Reshiram and Zekrom, and finally hits the two Kyurems. If you already own the originals, then the building of this kit should be strikingly familiar, with the only difference being the cables that connect the back and the tail instead of the clear spikes covering those slots. The only other difference is many parts now being made of blue, clear blue, and red plastic, depending on the Kyurem. If you don’t already own the originals, get this set. Not only do you get both together in one shot, the colored aspects of the Overdrive Modes look incredible. The clear blue and blue plastic works wonders for Black Kyurem, and while the red and clear red is really weird on White Kyurem, the dash of color to the otherwise bland Pokémon makes it look great. Despite having nothing incredibly new with these, I certainly recommend picking them up regardless of whether you own Black and White Kyurem yet. The kits are easy to build, stay together pretty well without any sort of glue, and require very little painting as the stickers included stay on well, and cover most of the details the plastic doesn’t hit. Really simple kits for inexperienced modelers like myself. People of all ages should have a really easy time with them.


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