Review: Ranger Deluxe Hand Gear (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Ranger Deluxe Hand Gear
$24.99 at Most Major Retailers (Purchased from


The Deluxe Hand Gear is a set of small gloves and plastic bracelets, one of which makes sounds when you shake it. When you turn on the right brace you hear an activation noise. When you punch with your right hand, you’ll hear one of two sound effects. One is a punch, the other is some sort of woosh sound. The brace features a card scanning feature according to the package. However, the brace does NOT actually scan cards. In actuality the card hits a button inside the brace. This activates three additional sounds: a sky based attack, a land based attack, and a sea based attack. The brace will continue to make these sounds until you turn it off and turn it back on. This brings the total number of sounds to seven. Also included are three Power Cards, one each of the male Rangers. Overall, it’s probably a fun toy for kids who like to dress up or pretend they are Rangers. For adult collectors, the gloves won’t fit your hands, and the bracelet probably won’t fit your wrist. If the toy actually had a scanner that could read certain cards, then it would be totally worth it, but unfortunately it doesn’t. As it stands, the only reason adult collectors should even glance at this is the three Power Cards.

Included Power Cards
P-032: Red Megaforce Ranger
“Megaforce! Red!”
P-135: Blue Megaforce Ranger
“Megaforce! Blue!”
P-136: Black Megaforce Ranger
“Megaforce! Black!”


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