Review: S.H.Figuarts – Magnugiga

S.H.Figuarts – Magnugiga
Tamashii Web Exclusive – September, 2012 – ¥5,040

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After the awesome-ness that was Dragredder and Darkwing being sold with their Riders, it was sad when Zolda was released without Magnugiga. However, Magnugiga’s Tamashii Web Exclusive fate wasn’t a mystery for long. He was finally released in September of 2012. Magnugiga is pretty much a hulk. Despite that, the figure is very light given the fact that no metal is used. Zolda’s actually heavier than Magnugiga is! Being a giant robot, Magnugiga has limited articulation, particularly in the shoulders and legs compared to other figures. However, a lot of articulation points are still present, and he’s actually quite the dynamic hulking robot. The best part of Magnugiga is that he splits apart into four of Zolda’s Vents: Strike Vent, Guard Vent, Shoot Vent, and other Shoot Vent. After some part switching (for handles mostly) you can transform them into the weapons. The head transforms into Strike Vent, the chest transforms into Guard Vent, the legs transform into the shoulder based Shoot Vent, while the shoulders and arms transform into the gun based Shoot Vent. All the weapons are huge, and much larger than the two Shoot Vents included with Zolda. To top it off, the paint used is a beautiful metallic green, and as always, the silver and gold used is brilliant. Also included is a “Kamen Rider Zolda’ branded Tamashii Stage (ala the other Ryuki releases) and two Advent Cards (Guard Vent and Strike Vent). If you’re a Ryuki fan, I think it’s a must own. However, given the price, I can see if it’s outside of most collector’s budget. If you manage to find him for a decent price, it’s certainly recommended.


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  1. He is cool, but as I said at my site, he should have been packaged with Zolda to begin with. His weapons were too floppy for me…but still that emerald green just pops on a display.

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