Review: Tokyo Vinyl Red & Blue Ranger Figures (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Tokyo Vinyl Red Ranger & Blue Ranger
$10.99 at Most Major Retailers (Purchased from

MegaforceTokyoVinyls1Red Ranger Available on!
Blue Ranger Available on!

Despite being made in Japan since Gaoranger (and further back for some brands) PVC vinyl figures have never been hugely popular in the US market. Despite this, Bandai has teamed up with Toumart to release Power Rangers in their popular “Tokyo Vinyl” style.  The first two released are the Red and Blue Megaforce Rangers. The Tokyo Vinyl style presents the Rangers in a “super deformed” style with puffed up chests, large arms, and blockish legs. Despite the odd appearance, they’re incredibly adorable, and the details are well crafted, painted, and sculpted. Each figure comes with one Power Card. Each one features the respective character, in their hand drawn Tokyo Vinyl style. Overall, these are great collector’s pieces, and will look great together once some more are released later in 2013. Currently shown are Robo Knight, Gosei Great Megazord, MMPR Red, and the MMPR Megazord. If you have kids, these are great figures for them as well, given there are no parts to choke on, and the vinyl figures themselves are incredibly durable. For collectors, they look flat out awesome, plus they come with cards! Definitely recommended to kids, parents, and collectors alike.

Included Power Cards
Tokyo Vinyl Red Ranger
P-112: Megaforce Red
“Megaforce! Red!”

Tokyo Vinyl Blue Ranger
P-113: Megaforce Blue
“Megaforce! Blue!”


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