Review: Dragon, Shark, & Robo Knight Morphin Vehicles (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Review: Dragon, Shark, & Robo Knight Morphin Vehicles
$6.99 at Most Major Retailers (Purchased from for $8.99 each)


Dragon Morphin Vehicle at
Shark Morphin Vehicle at
Robo Knight Morphin Vehicle at

NOTE: While the back of box advertises a “Snake Morphin Vehicle” (despite being styled after the Beetle Zord) it hasn’t been listed on any website, or found at any store at the time of this posting.

The Morphin Vehicles are a line created during Super Samurai that featured cars that flipped open and transformed into weapons. The line continues into Megaforce, but with an all new, far more functional gimmick. Each is available for $8.99 on and Toys R Us, and have been spotted for $6.99 at Target stores. The Megaforce Morphin Vehicles are designed after a Zord in vehicle mode. Red is the Dragon Zord, Blue (despite being labeled as the Shark) is the Manta Ray Zord, and Robo Knight is the Lion Zord. Each vehicle houses a weapon in the middle. Pop the weapon out, and press down on the Ranger’s head present on the rear of the vehicle. This will cause the top to flip down and form legs. The wheel sections form the arms to create a Ranger mode for each vehicle. The weapons can be stored on either of the front wheels that resemble their hands. The weapons can even be held by the normal 4″ Ranger Figures for additional playability. I love these. The vehicle modes look really neat, and the fact that they’re essentially a Bot Shot-esque Transformer is fantastic. The Ranger modes are certainly not accurate, but they’re good enough to pass. The weapons are neat as well, and the compatibility with the normal figures is a nice addition. I recommend these at both the TRU and Target price points. If you like little transformable toys, then these are right up your alley. Really cool, and a nice step up from the last set of Morphin Vehicles. Look forward to more of these in other Zord styles.


Included Power Cards

Dragon Morphin Vehicle
P-001: Megaforce Red
“Megaforce! Red!”

Shark Morphin Vehicle
P-078: Megaforce Blue
“Megaforce! Blue!”

Robo Knight Morphin Vehicle
P-104: Robo Knight
“Megaforce! Robo Knight!”


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  1. i think it cool cause robo knight and blue ranger are cool

  2. So they’re like Jumpstarters?

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