Review: Armored Ultra Mode Red & Blue Rangers (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Armored Ultra Mode Red & Blue Rangers
$16.99 at Most Major Retailers (Purchased at


Armored Ultra Mode Red Ranger on
Armored Ultra Mode Blue Ranger on

At Power Morphicon, Bandai showed off two new figures in the same style as the previously shown Mighty Morphin Red Ranger. These Megaforce Rangers were in the same 7″ scale and included pieces to transform them into the “now confirmed to be” Ultra Mode. The Red and Blue Megaforce Rangers have finally been released, each one retailing from $14.99-$16.99 depending on the retailer. Included with each Ranger are a front and back chest panel, two shoulder pads, two gauntlets, two boot rings, the Gosei Morpher, a Blaster, their signiture weapon, plus the Gosei Tensword as it is called in Goseiger. Thanks to episode summaries, it is rumored to be called the Wild Sword, but it isn’t confirmed if that name is in reference to the actual Gosei Tenswords, or the Kyouryu Headder in the show. Each Ranger also includes two additional hands, one relaxed right hand, and a left hand with a hole in it to hold the Gosei Morpher properly. Also included is a Power Card. Each figure is highly detailed, and features many points of articulation, hitting around 20 points of articulation. If the molds of the figure look familiar, they should. The base molding of these Rangers come from the Thundercats Classics line, which originally had a 7″ scale with nearly the same points of articulation. Glad to see Bandai found a use for them. While I don’t really like the scale (I’d rather have 5-6″ scale) the figures themselves are really nice, and look impressive on a display, even if they have nothing to fight and no one to stand with but each other. If you’re impatient for 4″ scale Ultra Mode figures, or just want a neat, larger figure of your favorite Ranger, then these are certainly recommended. For the money, they’re a pretty great deal. Overall, I’m pleased with what we got.

Included Power Cards

Armored Ultra Mode Red Ranger
P-091: Megaforce Red
“Megaforce! Red!”

Armored Ultra Mode Blue Ranger
P-080: Megaforce Blue
“Megaforce! Blue!”


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