Haul: 01-24-13

More toys! Caught wind that the Training Set and Mini Figures were hitting Targets, so thanks to Raz I armed myself with the DCPI and went and had someone get them for me out of the back. Sadly my Target hasn’t stocked the new Pokémon toys yet (DosmRider’s did) so still no updates to that. Hoping to find the 4-Packs so I can review the Legendary Figures (and the 4-Packs!). If by chance I DO find them, expect them to pop up before I finally get to the Beast toys. I feel so behind! Stupid customs. Anyway, I picked up those, and my Scorpion Striker Skylanders pack got here from GameStop. The random Pokémon Pinball is a gift from my girlfriend because she’s awesome. Time to play some retro pinball action.

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

01-24-13From GameStop:
• Skylanders Giants – Scorpion Striker Battle Pack

From Target:
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Red Ranger Training Set
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Mini Battle-Ready Figures (Set of 12)

From Cat (via eBay):
• Game Boy Color – Pokémon Pinball


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