Review: Power Rangers Megaforce Mini Battle-Ready Figures (Series 1)

Power Rangers Megaforce Mini Battle-Ready Figures (Series 1)
$3.99 Each at Most Major Retailers (Purchased from Target)


After getting a few sets for the MMPR reversion, then a set of five Rangers and a Mooger for Samurai, Bandai once again releases Mini Battle-Ready Figures for the Power Rangers Megaforce line. First released was a set of six Rangers plus one Power Card (the same found with the Megaforce Red in this blind pack). Shortly after was what I purchased here. These mini figures are sold in blind packs for $3.99 each. Contained in the first series is a total of 12 figures: Megaforce Red, Megaforce Pink, Megaforce Black, Megaforce Yellow, Megaforce Blue, Robo Knight, Transparent Megaforce Red, Transparent Robo Knight, Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger, Mighty Morphin’ Black Ranger, Mighty Morphin’ Pink Ranger, and Lord Zedd. Each figure comes with a Power Card of their respectable figure, with artwork done in the chibi Battle-Ready style. The Transparent figures come with cards of the same artwork with different backgrounds, complete with a new number to entice you to collect even them. It’s worth noting the Mighty Morphin’ figures are indeed repackages of the releases from 2010. They aren’t changed in the slightest. It’s also worth noting that the Megaforce ones are quite a bit thinner, and feature less rotation points, usually only having it in the weapon holding hand. This doesn’t distract from their cuteness though, as they’re still incredibly adorable. The $3.99 price can be a bit pricey for those on a budget, but all in all, for a figure and a card, it’s worth it in the end. If you haven’t yet bought the set, get the individual releases. Not only is it actually cheaper in the long run, you get a LOT more cards.

An alternate version of P-061 exists. The version in the 6-Pack says “Megaforce Red” while the one in the blind pack says “Red Megaforce Ranger” on it. Both are the same number. Raz has also pointed out that an alternate version of P-087 exists as well with the same name alternations. However, BOTH are found in the blind packs.

For those looking for a specific figure, RangerCrew has posted a list of the product codes on their blog! Just like the MegaBloks blind packs, these codes can be found at the bottom of the pack, imprinted onto the bag. Thanks to RangerCrew and Raz for their work!


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