Review: Red Ranger Training Set (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Red Ranger Training Set
$21.99 at Most Major Retailers (Bought from Target)

MegaforceRedRangerTrainingSetNOTE: There is a “Deluxe Training Set” available exclusively at Toys R Us for $34.99. The Deluxe set has the same six cards, but has the individually sold Power Ranger Blaster (with lights, sounds, and Dragon Zord), a miniature Gosei Morpher (with no lights or sounds), and a buckle with a chrome front (same mold as this one, but with chrome). 

We got a few of these sets in Samurai that featured some additional Disks to try to get you to buy them. Megaforce decided to just go for it and entice you to buy with cards. Six to be exact. Also included in this basic Red Ranger Training Set is a mask, a blaster, and a buckle. The mask is basically the same mold released individually  but features no tinted visor. Instead, the eye area is completely open and looks weird. There is also no nose piece inside the mask for extra comfort. The blaster included in this release is much smaller than the traditional toy. It features no sound, the fin doesn’t move, and instead features a firing missile. Included are Dragon Zord and Shark Zord missiles. Unfortunately because of the weight of the missile and the power of the launcher, it doesn’t go very far at all. The buckle is actually really nice, and can clip right on to your pants or belt. It’s a bit smaller than the Japanese version, and can hold roughly 20 cards with no problem. Simply pull the tab to open the buckle and pull a card out. This release is not chromed like the one in the Deluxe Training Gear. It is currently unknown which version will be released individually. Overall, the only reason to really get this set is the cards. The mask is sold by itself in an even better form, the blaster is horrible, and the buckle will be sold by itself shortly. Only a necessary pick up if you really want the six cards. That’s really it.


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