Review: Pokémon – Tomy Basic Figures Series 1

Review: Pokémon Tomy Basic Figures Series 1
$6.99 at Most Major Retailers (Purchased from Meijer)


After Jakks Pacific lost the license to Pokémon in the US, the fate of Pokémon toys were up in the air. Tomy, one of the main distributors of Pokémon merchandise in Japan, decided to license it for distribution in America too, with a whole new line and style of figures…sort of. The “Basic Figure” assortments contain multiple 2-packs of 2″ PVC Pokémon. The first series contains Snivy vs. Panpour, Oshawott vs. Pansear, Tepig vs. Pansage, Pikachu vs. Kyurem, Throh vs. Sawk, and Scraggy vs. Yamask. Also shown on the back of the package is Beartic vs. Braviary, Volcarona vs. Druddigon, and Excadrill vs. Darmanitan, however none of these packs have been found on US shelves at the time of this posting. People may remember this style of figure from the days of old. RBY and GSC era old. Hasbro used to distribute the Japanese “Pokemon Monster Collection” figures in their own US line. Tomy is doing the same here. Each of these 2″ PVC figures are a direct import of the “Pokémon Monster Collection” figures that are released by Tomy in Japan! While the line throws scale out the window (something Jakks did anyway) they’re small, filled with detail, and are plenty affordable. Each pack of two is only $6.99, so they’re a great way to slowly build up a huge collection of Pokémon toys that simply don’t take up much space. I’ve always been a fan of the PMC line of figures, and I’m really happy there’s finally an easy way to get a hold of these in the States.

Tomy also has the Legendary Figures line, which uses molds from a line I’m not familiar with, providing they’re Japanese imports as well. Tomy is also distributing PMC figures through 4-Packs, Evolution 3-Packs, and two variations of Pokéball action packs. Full details on the line can be found on, though I don’t recommend ever buying from there, given the price hike.



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