Review: DX Beast Driver (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Beast Driver
Retail Release – December, 2012 – ¥6,000


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Set! The hungry Kamen Rider Beast joins the battle against the Phantoms in order to survive. The Beast Driver is the trasformation belt used by Kousuke Nitou to transform into Kamen Rider Beast using the power of the Chimera. The Beast Driver uses two different styles of Wizard Rings, just like the WizarDriver. One is the square Beast Wizard Ring that Nitou uses to transform into Beast and activate his Kick Strike. The other are Magic Rings which allow Beast to change his right shoulder’s mantle using the power of four different animals within the Chimera: Falco, Chameleo, Dolphi, and Buffa. The right slot also uses other Magic Rings like Hyper (Beast’s potential upgrade), Chimerise (summons the Chimera), and Griffon (summons the Green Griffon Plamonster). Insert the Beast Wizard Ring and twist to transform. Then insert the included Falco or Chameleo Wizard Rings to harness the power of the creature to upgrade Beast’s abilities. Overall, the Beast Driver is a fun belt. Unfortunately, the Beast Wizard Rings don’t make a unique call in the WizarDriver (they all say Beast! Please!) but the WizarDriver does recognize the different Rings, as it does make the Falco and Chameleo animal noise after all is said and done. Like most secondary Rider belts, it takes the main gimmick and simplifies it. The Beast Driver is limited to the sounds it already contains, meaning you won’t be able to read any more than the eight Wizard Rings the belt can read right out of the box. Despite that, the sounds are incredibly cool and fun. To top it off, the design of the belt is a great fit to the whole “Chimera in a cage” motif and the chrome on the inside looks absolutely stunning. Great design work from PLEX on this thing. Really cool and recommended for fans of the character.


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