Haul: 01-26-13 & 01-28-13

Saturday, a LEGO store not to far away from me was doing a promotion for LEGO Chima. If you spent $75 you got the little glider (an exclusive) for free. A bit of a ripoff, but I love free things. They were also giving away an accessory pack that day. Anyway, I decided to pick up two more Speedorz related things, and get my first non-Speedorz kit because it was a damn Eagle Tank. I love eagles, and I love tanks, so what can go wrong? Other than getting me addicted to this, nothing. It’s actually an incredible kit. LEGO has come along way. Also nabbed Lightcore Shroomboom from Best Buy.

Monday I went to Target to try and find new Pokémon. They didn’t have any, so I bought Ultra Magnus and a small Chima set to burn a $25 gift card. Ultra Magnus is actually really cool. Great use of the mold. I just wish his waist locked into the body. The Chima set, for being a cheap one, is actually really cool! After we got home from my Aunt’s hotel I found out my Mandarake box got here. Now the purpose of the Mandarake box was a birthday present. Of course, buying the present, I needed to buy more shit so I didn’t have to pay the 500 Yen fee. I found Gekibat and SIC Kiwami Momotaros pretty quickly. Finding absolutely NOTHING to purchase to cover the remaining ¥1,500, I tossed in some super cheap Foodroids to satisfy my need to own all little robot helpers. Yeah, I’ve sunk this low.

Saturday, January 26th, 2013


From The LEGO Store:
• The Legend of Chima – Speedorz: Ultimate Tournament
• The Legend of Chima – Equila’s Ultra Striker
• The Legend of Chima – Speedorz: Ring of Fire
• The Legend of Chima – Ewar’s Acro-Fighter
• The Legend of Chima – Promotional Accessory Pack

From Best Buy:
• Skylanders Giants – Lightcore Shroomboom

Monday, January 28th, 2013

01-28-13From Target:
• Transformers Generations – Deluxe Class Ultra Magnus
• The Legend of Chima – Razcal’s Glider

01-28-13_1From Mandarake:
• Gekiranger – Gekibat
• Fourze – Foodroid Series 05: Softonya
• Fourze – Foodroid Series 06: Nuggegyroika
• S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii – Momotaros Imagin




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