Review: DX Dice Saber (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Dice Saber
Retail Release – December, 2012 – ¥4,200


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Beast’s main weapon is the Dice Saber, a fencing sword like weapon with a rolling dice built inside. To initiate the final attack, Beast spins the dial which spins the die. He then inserts one of his Mantle Rings (Falco, Chameleo, Dolphi, or Buffa) to charge the attack and stop the die. The attack’s strength is dependent on the number seen on the die. One is a weak attack, while six is the strongest attack possible. The Saber summons ghostly forms of the animal (how many dependent on the numer) selected that charge at the Phantom upon slashing the sword. One and six each play a depressing or congratulatory jingle respectively as well as their own standby tune. Two through five all play the same standby tune. The animal selected is also announced, as well as the number rolled. When no attack is in progress, the sword makes three generic sword slashing sounds. The design is incredibly nice looking, featuring nice gold and silver paint as well as a nice chrome lion who’s mouth acts as the ring slot. The length is short, but there has yet to be a decent length sword weapon from Bandai Japan, so that is fairly common place by now. The tip of the saber does extend a slight bit, but the length of the weapon is stil considerably short compared to the show. Included is the Buffa Wizard Ring, which lets Beast harness the power of the Buffalo and gain super strength abilities. Considering the Beast Rings have no LEDs and have simply a glossy plastic base, there isn’t a huge difference between Candy Toy/Capsule and DX like there is with standard Wizard Rings and their unpainted bases. With that in mind, even the Ring doesn’t make this toy a must own. Despite that, the Dice Saber is an awesome toy, and recommended despite the lack of necessity.


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