Review: DX Wizard Ring Holder Beast Color (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Wizard Ring Holder Beast Color
Retail Release – December, 2012 – ¥1,800


Get your Beast on at CS Toys International!

New Rider, new Ring Holder! Just like Wizard, Kamen Rider Beast has a Wizard Ring Holder of his own. His Wizard Ring Holder is identical to the one released for Kamen Rider Wizard. The only difference is Beast’s is done in the “Beast Color” of gold. Like Wizard’s it also holds five Wizard Rings, perfect for holding the Beast, Falco, Chameleo, Dolphi, and Buffa Wizard Rings. The Ring Holder clips right onto the belt straps of the DX Beast Driver. Included with the Ring Holder is the Dolphi Wizard Ring. It allows Beast to heal himself or another target and harness the power of water. The Dolphi Wizard Ring, like Beast’s other Rings is compatible with the WizarDriver as well. Overall, the Ring Holder is only necessary if you want a nice method of displaying Beast’s core five Wizard Rings. Considering the Beast Rings have no LEDs and have simply a glossy plastic base, there isn’t a huge difference between Candy Toy/Capsule and DX like there is with standard Wizard Rings and their unpainted bases. With that in mind, even the Ring doesn’t make this toy a must own. Pretty easy skip unless you really want the display option.



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