Haul: 02-01-13

Well yesterday the Power Rangers Action Card Game was spotted at Walmart stores! I had full intention on doing a hunt today, but I ended up sleeping in pretty late because I was up into the wee hours of the morning editing and uploading the latest episode of the Podcast. Fortunately I was greeted with the Hot Topic order I placed a few days ago. I had $15 in “Hot Cash” I wanted to use but I didn’t have time to make it to the mall, so I ended up ordering River Song’s Sonic Screwdriver and an exploding TARDIS pin to hit the $30 mark and get $15 off. I really like it!

Actually managed to leave the house. After a trip to Meijer I got the Predaking Micro Changers Combiner. Target let me FINALLY buy Spidermonkey and Eatle Omniverse figures after months of nowhere in my area having them. No cards! Thankfully Jeff got here (Happy Birthday!) and we went on an adventure to two Walmarts and finally found the cards. Bought the deck and 10 packs. Pulled 28 extras, so not bad all in all. Probably gonna avoid buying more packs and just buy what I need online or trade with fellow fans.

Friday, February 01st, 2013

02-01-13From Hot Topic:
• Doctor Who – Future Sonic Screwdriver (River Song’s Sonic Screwdriver)
• Doctor Who – Exploding TARDIS Painting Pin

02-01-13_1From Meijer:
• Kre-O Tranformers – Micro Changers Combiners Predaking

From Target:
• Ben 10 Omniverse – Spidermonkey
• Ben 10 Omniverse – Eatle

From Walmart:
• Power Rangers ACG – Rise of Heroes Starter Deck
• Power Rangers ACG – Rise of Heroes Booster Pack (x10)
• DVD – Doctor Who: The Complete First Series




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