Review: S.H.Figuarts – Genocider (Venosnaker, Evildiver, and Metalgelas)

Review: S.H.Figuarts – Genocider (Venosnaker, Evildiver, and Metalgelas)
Tamashii Web Exclusive – December, 2012 – ¥10,500


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After the success of Magnugiga, Bandai decided to release Ouja’s trifecta as a Genocider Set. It was available as a Tamashii Web Exclusive released in December for a whopping ¥10,500 for all three Contract Monsters. Genocider is made from the combination of Venosnaker (Kamen Rider Ouja’s Contract Monster), Evildiver (Kamen Rider Raia’s Contract Monster), and Metalgelas (Kamen Rider Gai’s Contract Monster) after the Unite Vent card is used on the three beasts. Individually, the three Contract Monsters are great, and feature basic articulation. Venosnaker shares a lot of molding from Dragredder. The tail can pop off and be used as a larger Sword Vent for Ouja. Evildiver obviously has little articulation, but does look great. The tail can be removed to use as a longer Swing Vent for Raia. Metalgelas does have articulation in the neck, shoulders, and legs for about the most articulation that such a hulking beast can have. The helmet can be removed for a larger Strike Vent for Gai. Combined they form Genocider, a hulking figure that is just massive, towering over 350mm tall. Genocider features the same articulation as Metalgelas, with some included neck articulation thanks to Venosnaker’s neck joint. Included with this beautiful figure is a new chest piece for Genocider’s Final Vent, as well as three Advent Cards (Unite Vent, Final Vent, and Advent). Also included are Tamashii Stages for Ouja, Raia, and Gai done in the same style as previous releases. Included are three additional joint connectors and two additional poles to elongate some of the stages. Additionally are unique clips to connect Evildiver to a stage (stage poles can be connected to Evildiver to hold Raia on top of him) and a clip to stabilize Metalgelas with a Tamashii Stage. Finally a handle connector is included to attach to Metalgelas’s helmet so Gai can hold it properly. With all the Tamashii Stage pieces included, on top of three well crafted and beautiful Contract Monsters that can combine into one tyrannical beast is amazing. Sure, he’s pricy, but considering how much you get in the package, it’s well worth the price considering how much Magnugiga cost on his own. I absolutely recommend this to everyone keeping up with the Ryuki releases. This is one you simply can’t miss. Be warned however, if you’re picking up this guy on the secondary market, know that shipping will be huge. Not only is the box rather heavy, it’s big too. Truly amazing figure.


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