Review: DX Wizard Ring Set 03 (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Wizard Ring Set 03
Retail Release – December, 2012 – ¥900


Buy from CS Toys International! Please!

The third Wizard Ring Set was released alongside the Water Dragon Ring Set in December, 2012, and contains two more magic Wizard Rings for our growing collections. Wizard Ring Set 03 contains the Extend Wizard Ring and Liquid Wizard Ring. Extend allows Wizard to stretch out any limb of his body for long distance punches, kicks, or grabs. The Liquid Wizard Ring is a Wizard Ring exclusive to Water Style, and allows Wizard to melt into a pool of water that can remold itself into any position. The Ring is perfect for dodging, and turning a missed attack into an opportunity to strike back. Also included is a Ganbaride card featuring Kamen Rider Wizard Water Style. As with most of these Wizard Ring Sets, it includes two magic based Rings that can easily be viewed as passable to most non-completist collectors, especially given how little they are used in the show. While Liquid is a cool Ring, trying to hunt down just it is just as pricey, so if you want at least one of these Rings, I recommend hunting down this set instead of a Candy or Capsule release.


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