Review: D-Arts – Mega Man (Rockman)

D-Arts – Mega Man (Rockman)
Retail Release – December, 2012 – ¥3,500


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After sitting in the X era for a while, D-Arts finally makes the jump to the original Mega Man era! Mega Man in his original form was released in December at standard retail for ¥3,500 on average. Mega Man has always been a short fellow, so his figures is shorter than the average D-Arts release, clocking in at only 10.5 cm total. What he lacks in size he makes up for in general awesomeness. Unfortunately, his joint system is strange. His shoulders don’t allow his arms to be straight vertically, and are always in a slight bowl. As with the X figures, the legs are a bit of a pain to pose properly. Despite this, the figure itself is accurate and does look impressive, it’s just a shame his joint system isn’t as stable and workable as the X figures are. Included with Mega Man is his trusty dog Rush. Rush has articulation in the head and feet, as well as a rotation at the hips and knees. Not the best articulation, but workable for a bonus. Also included is a Metool that has a removable helmet. Both Rush and the Metool are great little bonuses and really make the figure worth it in the end. Accessory wise the box also includes two additional faces, two additional hands, and a blasting effect part. Also included is a left arm piece, as well as a right arm buster piece. Lastly an adaptor is included for the tip of the buster to use the blasting effect. Overall, D-Arts Rock is a fun little toy that is ruined by shoddy joints and an odd build design. I don’t hate this figure as much as most people, but I still really enjoy the end product despite its flaws. If you’re a huge Mega Man fan, I recommend the Kotobukiya model kits over the D-Arts if only because it is a bigger overall figure with arguably better joints. However, if you like smaller figures, the D-Arts might be for you. The inclusion of Rush and the Metool is really great. Next up for the line is Bass & Treble. Hopefully they turn out a little bit better than Rock did. Still recommended to Mega Man fans, despite the flaws.


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