Haul: 02-05-13 & 02-06-13

Took Cat to work. Went to Barnes and Noble. Found knockoff LEGO TARDIS. Purchased. It’s part of the character building line or whatever it is called. I wanted to get it from Hot Topic back when I got River’s Sonic but they wouldn’t let me. Turns out it was for the best! I really like it, but it’s really small and not really worth the $20. The upside is you can take off Amy’s skirt. But that’s just rude. The little figures are pretty neat though.

Today I had work, and work decided to stock Blaster and Grimlock. I passed Blaster along to Jeff because he loves Blaster to death and back, and got Grimlock for myself. Neat toy! He has a few issues, particularly with the fact I wish his shoulders weren’t so odd, but it’s a really clever way of doing the transformation. Takara’s colors are a bit better, but I rather enjoy the more subdued look. It looks like he’s been in battle a few times and just isn’t fucking shiny anymore. GameStop finally got in Fire Emblem, so I’m gonna sit down and play that.

I’m set to finish Jetman on Friday. I plan on doing a nice blog post over the weekend on my thoughts, since I’m not sure if/when an RRRnRRR style thing is going to be done of Jetman. I’ll also do one for the Megaforce episode (as well as the first episode) over the weekend as well if I have time to write two articles. Gonna be the start of OPERATION BLOG BLOGGY.

Tuesday, February 05th, 2013

02-05-13From Barnes & Noble:
• Doctor Who – Character Building: The TARDIS Mini Set

Wednesday, February 06th, 2013

02-06-13From Toys R Us:
• Transformers Generations – Fall of Cybertron Voyager Class Grimlock

From GameStop:
• 3DS – Fire Emblem Awakening (with bonus Art Book)




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