Review: DX Wizard Ring Movie Wars Set (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Wizard Ring Movie Wars Set
Retail Release – December, 2012 – ¥1,300


Buy from CS Toys International! Please!

In Movie War Ultimatum, several new Wizard Rings made their debut exclusively in the film. This set is comprised of three Wizard Rings exclusive to the film: Special Rush, Time, and Fourze Engage. It was released in December alongside the debut of the movie in theaters. Special Rush is a Wizard Ring with the WizarDragon’s face in the middle with four shapes on each of the four corners of the ring. The red circle channels Flame Style, the green triangle channels Hurricane Style, the yellow square channels Land Style, and the blue diamond channels Water Style. When the ring is scanned, the belt says “Special! Rush!” and proceeds to announce the four Styles in order. This transforms Wizard into Kamen Rider Wizard Special Rush, a form of Wizard that adds the four “Special” Dragon attachments to Wizard Flame Dragon. This is the same as Kamen Rider Wizard All Dragon, just with red Dragon pieces instead of silver. Time is the Wizard Ring used in the film to allow Wizard to travel through time. The Ring is unusual in that it is cast in a light blue plastic instead of the usual orange. The design is based around the Dragon being the hands of a clock. The Fourze Engage Wizard Ring is the ring used in the film to allow Fourze to enter a Gate’s underworld as well so he can assist Wizard in his fight. Just like normal Engage being based around Wizard’s helmet, Fourze Engage is based upon Kamen Rider Fourze’s iconic space shuttle helmet. Unfortunately it does not say “Fourze Engage” in the Driver, but instead plays the normal “Engage” sounds. This set is unusual. All three rings are actually really awesome. Special Rush looks gorgeous, and plays a very interesting sound in the Wizard Driver. Time is a rather unique magical ring, and Fourze Engage is the only (as of now) DX release of the Engage Ring, even if it’s shaped like Fourze instead of Wizard. If you want the Rings, I easily recommend the set, even if it’s probably a simple pass for non-completeist collectors. If you’re just gunning for the Special Rush Wizard Ring, it will receive a Capsule release in the near future, so waiting for the single release is certainly an option.


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