Review: WAP! 04 – Kamen Rider Wizard Land Style

WAP! 03 – Kamen Rider Wizard Land Style
Retail Release – January, 2013 – ¥2,500


Get in on the WAP! series at CS Toys International!

The forth release in the WAP! Series is none other than Wizard’s yellow form, Land Style, utilizing the power of the earth. The WAP (Wizard Action Please) Series is the main action figure line for Kamen Rider Wizard, much like the OCC and FMCS series for OOO and Fourze respectively. Each of Wizard’s main Styles features a light up helmet when a button on his chest is pressed, as well as a rendition of the WizarSwordGun in Gun Mode and Sword Mode. Also included is a white backdrop featuring an appropriately colored magic circle, with the logo and name of the Style. Land Style comes with an opened hand WizarSwordGun in Gun Mode, and an opened hand WizarSwordGun in Sword Mode. Unlike the some of the Wizard Rings, the LED in the helmet is an appropriately colored yellow color, and actually shines incredibly bright. The black plastic used has a nice matte finish to it, and the yellow and silvers used on the figure have a brilliant metallic sheen to them. While it can’t match an S.H.Figuart in terms of articulation, it’s a great figure and a perfect substitute, especially given how the S.H.Figuarts release of Land Style is an exclusive. As always, a gimmick that utilized some of the Wizard Ring functions would have been nice, it’s still cool to see a really basic action figure line come from Kamen Rider. If you’re a fan of Land Style, pick this guy up if the price is right. I really enjoy them. (Yes, this is a copy-paste with slight changes from Water and Hurriane Style. It’s nearly the same toy, leave me alone.)


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