Review: DX Land Dragon Wizard Ring Set (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Land Dragon Wizard Ring Set
Retail Release – January, 2013 – ¥1,000


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The final Dragon to appear is Land Dragon, the form Haruto takes when he uses the power of the Dragon to strengthen his Land Style. In this form, Wizard gets a fancy yellow coat, complete with a dragon design on the chest. The set was released in January along side Ring Set 02 for ¥1,000. This set includes two new Wizard Rings: Land Dragon Wizard Ring, and Gravity Wizard Ring. The Land Dragon Wizard Ring allows Haruto to transform into the Land Dragon form, and is very similar to the normal Land Wizard Ring in design. When used after the Land Wizard Ring, the Land Dragon Wizard Ring will create an additional dragon roar sound in the WizarDriver after the transformation jingle. This Wizard Ring also allows for the creation of a new Kick Strike sound and a new Special sound when those rings are used. The Gravity Wizard Ring is Land Dragon’s signature attack, that can manipulate the gravity around the opponent. This allows Wizard to raise the enemy up, or slam them down into the ground. When used with the Land Dragon Wizard Ring, you will hear the “Chou ii ne! Saikou!” sounds. The Gravity WIzard Ring can also be used on its own for a standard effect. Both Rings are yellow in color, signifying they both came from the same magical stone. Overall, the Land Dragon Wizard Ring Set is a must own. The two Rings go great together, and are a necessary part of the collection to get the most out of your WizarDriver. Plus they just flat out look cool and the Gravity Wizard Ring is a perfect impression of Yellow Owl from Jetman.


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