Review: DX Drago Timer (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Drago Timer
Retail Release – February, 2013 – ¥3,800


Complete your Dragon Formation at CS Toys International!

Haruto finally upgrades all four of his elements into their Dragon forms. As if he wasn’t overpowered enough, the White Wizard gives him the opportunity to upgrade himself and his magic even further by using the Dragon’s power to create a new device that can tap into all four elements of the WizarDragon at the same time. This device is the Drago Timer, a gauntlet attached to his right arm and hand. It was released alongside the show debute in February, 2013 for ¥3,800. The Drago Timer is basically a cooking timer that Haruto slaps on his arm. It sets itself in Flame Dragon, and ticks down clockwise. The dial passes into the Hurricane Zone, Water Zone, and Land Zone. When the thumb is pressed in these zones you will here “Hurricane Dragon!” “Water Dragon!” “Land Dragon!” respectively. Once the dial returns to the Flame Zone, you get “Final Time!” Press the thumb again and you will get “X mation!” It is a pun on the word formation, giving you “Onemation!” “Twomation!” “Threemation!” and “Dragon Formation!” depending on how many of the zones you activated. You will always get at least “Onemation” since the device automatically locks in Flame Dragon. You can get the device to say “Flame Dragon!” by holding the dial so it doesn’t move, and pressing the thumb while it is in the Flame Zone. It’s hard to get the sound via the normal method, you have to be quick after the activation. The toy also can be used with the WizarDriver. While the front jewel is hovered over the WizarDriver, the WizarDriver will start making a standby sound. The RFID reader will make the Drago Timer begin making various sounds depending on the sound for each of the four zones. Once it reaches the end, and all four zones are activated, you will hear “All Dragon!” being repeated. Remove the Drago Timer from the WizarDriver. Both toys will say “Please!” The WizarDriver will make the Plamonster summoning sound, while the Drago Timer will make a series of elemental noises and dragon roars. This can also be done using the WizarSwordGun, but it is just a generic shooting sound and nothing special happens. While the toy actually looks kind of neat, and i like the sounds, the dial makes a REALLY loud grinding noise that simply can’t be avoided. You can put your finger on the dial to stop the motion and enjoy the sounds the toy is playing, but to mimic the show, you’re forced to listen to the grinding of the gears. It’s a fun toy, that unfortunately you can’t get the full potential out of without the WizarDriver, or without dealing with the grinding of gears. Recommended for hardcore Wizard fans, but a pretty easy pass otherwise. Just nothing truly special.


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