Review: Plamonster Series 05: Green Griffon (Kamen Rider Wizard)

Plamonster Series 05; Green Griffon
Retail Release – January, 2013 – ¥2,500


Summon your Griffon at CS Toys International! Go!

Beast, not wanting to feel left out, hits the scene with his own Plamonster, the Green Griffon! Griffon was released in January, 2013 for the average price of ¥2,500. Griffon retains a green, gold, and black color scheme, matching Beast perfectly. Griffon is a lot like a mix between Cerberus and Garuda, which is a fusion of my two favorite Plamonsters, thus creating my definitive Plamonster! His gimmick revolves around pushing down on the tail and his wings flap. That’s about it. Of course he can mix and match with other Plamonsters, giving him Garuda Wings, Unicorn Legs, Cerberus Legs, Kraken Horns, anything you can think of. The Griffon Wizard Ring looks great, and tops the charts on my favorite Beast Ring. It can be used in the Beast Driver to hear “Go! Griffon!” as well as the Dice Saber, the WizarDriver (being the only Beast Ring that doesn’t say “Beast! Please!”), and of course the WizarSwordGun. Quite a functional little Wizard Ring! Overall, Griffon is a great addition to the line up, and takes the cake as the best in the line. If you have the others, there’s no reason to pass this guy up. Really great. If by chance you hate life and don’t want these adorable little creatures, you can get the Griffon Wizard Ring in the upcoming Candy Toy and Gashapon Wizard Ring Sets.


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