Review: Legacy Power Morpher (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Legacy Power Morpher
Toys R Us Exclusive – $49.99


Pick it up from!

You can also call your local TRU store and ask them to look up the item number “550480” to see if they can find it for you!

A while back we got word that Bandai was making a bunch of commemorative toys for the 20th Anniversary, the first of which shown off was the Legacy Power Morpher, announced as a Toys R Us Exclusive for $49.99. This isn’t a re-release of the original Power Morpher. This isn’t even a re-release of the original Power Morpher in die-cast. This is an ALL NEW Power Morpher, decked out in show accurate designs and chocked full of die-cast. The handle, front plates, and Power Coins are all made of die-cast metal, and have a huge heft to them. The Morpher itself is chrome, giving it a nice, metal like shine. It also has the black bolts colored in, and a screen accurate “Power Rangers” writing in the red circle. On the back you have the golden Z design from the Dino Buckler, the changer of Zyuranger, MMPR’s source footage. The original Dino Buckler had this as a sticker, while the Power Morpher version of the toy lacked the sticker. Now, 20 years later, it’s finally present in the US. Also included is a buckle that can attach to your belt. The Power Morpher can be stored face first into the buckle to display the golden Z. This gives you an accurate display of the Zyuranger’s Dino Buckler on their belts. The Power Morpher can also be flipped around and clipped in, giving you an accurate buckle to what the Rangers wear when morphed. The Power Coins all have a great heft to them, and have a nice whethered look like the ones in the show did. All five of the OG Power Coins are included. Simply push the coin into the center of the Power Morpher until it locks. To release the coin, press the Z on the back until it pops out. Quick and easy! As for sounds, when you turn on the toy you get the classic Communicator beep! At the press of the button, you get an activation sound, and when you let go, a release sound. No weird beeping like the original release. However, if you hold the button down, you are greeted with a roughly 30 second rendition of the MMPR Theme! Really a great bonus that completes this item. This Morpher is truly a piece of art. The die-cast is just beautiful, and the end product looks great on display no matter how you choose to do it. For $49.99, it might seem pricy, but when you consider that it is a collector’s item, is chocked full of die-cast, and has the theme song as an included sound, it’s fairly worth it in the long run. If you’re a Zyuranger or MMPR fan, then by all means this is a must own. As of this posting, it’s still new, and very hard to find. If you can’t find it, don’t freak out, just give it time. Don’t give into the scalpers! They’re buying these up by the droves, but don’t give in to the heightened eBay prices. Just be patient. Truly an awesome toy. I love it.


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