IT’S THEM!!!! Thanks to February’s completely asinine release schedule, I’ve got my February AmiAmi box already! Kyoryuzin isn’t there obviously, since he isn’t out, but he’ll be on the way from somewhere soon. This box contains all the first run Kyoryuger toys (Gun, Sword, Belt, Batteries, Vinyls), SHF Wizard, an LBX, and a PokéPla kit. Pretty small box all things considered. 8GB of Memory also arrived for my computer. It’s now less laggy and doesn’t kill itself when it’s importing video from my camera. Finally, I won a 31″ Megaforce Red figure from Saban Brands while they were having their Retweet Sweepstakes when the Red Rangers were terrorizing New York. He’s actually pretty neat, in an overgrown vinyl figure that could be mistaken as your child kind of way. In this V-Log I also discuss the review schedule, what’s to come, and possibly getting back into a Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun schedule, with Sunday being a day set aside for an old SHF exclusive. Anyway, time to enjoy some DINO SAMBA! GABRURINCHO! RAWR RAWR RAWR FABULOUS.

Wednesday, February 20th, 2012

02-20-12From AmiAmi:
• Kyoryuger – Gaburevolver
• Kyoryuger – Gaburicalibur
• Kyoryuger – Zyuden Mobuckle
• Kyoryuger – Zyudenchi Set 01
• Kyoryuger – SHS01: Kyoryu Red
• Kyoryuger – SHS02: Kyoryu Black
• Kyoryuger – SHS03: Kyoryu Blue
• Kyoryuger – SHS04: Kyoryu Green
• Kyoryuger – SHS05: Kyoryu Pink
• S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style with Strike Wizard Robe
• PokéPla – Charizard Evolution Set
• Danball Senki – LBX Buster

From Amazon:
• 2x 4GB Crucial Memory for my iMac

From Saban Brands:
• Power Rangers Megaforce – 31″ Red Ranger Figure


[youtube http://youtu.be/15FHOrnr6I8]

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