Review: Gaburevolver (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Transformation Gun Gaburevolver
Retail Release – February, 2013 – ¥4,500


Gaburincho! Grab your Gaburevolver from CSToys International!

The bravest heroes of them all, the Kyoryugers, have arrived on the scene as the newest Super Sentai! Their transformation device is none other than the Henshin Jyu, or Transformation Gun, Gaburevolver! It was released at the show’s debut in February, 2013 for ¥4,500. It’s been a while since we had a gun changer. The Morphin Blaster was mixed with a cellphone, and the Diend Driver was in the world of Kamen Rider. Being a fan of weapon changers, having a straight up gun changer was brilliant to me. The gun is fairly big, and fits comfortably in the hand. Granted, it’s a big bright yellow color stylized after a dinosaur head. Pull back on the tail to open the mouth, where you can insert up to two Zyudenchi. When the mouth is closed, you hear “Gaburincho!” followed by whatever Zyudenchi were inserted. When one is inserted, and the chamber of the gun is spun, the transformation begins, playing a delightful samba tune. When the chamber is spun again, you hear “Vamola!” followed by a special attack phrase unique to the Zyudenchi. For instance Gabutyra’s is “Gaboom!” and Stymero’s is “Meromeron!” When two Zyudenchi are inserted and the chamber is spun, you automatically go into attack mode. The gun will announce “Vamola Mucho!” and play both sounds for the Zyudenchi, with the first one being in a quieter, less ambitious tone. If the gun is opened and closed again, you will hear “Meccha Mucho!” which serves an unknown purpose at the time of this writing. Included with the Gaburevolver is Gabutyra and Stymero, Zyudenchi 01 and 14 respectively. Overall, this is an absolutely brilliant toy. The mix and match feature of the Zyudenchi and the attack sounds is a great addition, and really adds so much playability to the toy. The ability to transform using any Zyudenchi allows kids with fun imaginations to create new Kyoryugers based on those dinosaurs. To top it off, it can combine with the Gaburicalibur to make the Gaburu Cannon, an even larger weapon. With this much playability, this is a toy that you certainly can’t pass up.  With 23 confirmed Zyudenchi, and more possibly on the horizon, the choices are endless. Yes, this is another example of Bandai’s “pay to play” marketing. However, even without a multitude of Zyudenchi, you can still get the basic functions of the toy, and even with only the two, it’s still ridiculously fun. I love it.

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  1. Is the one in the Nariki set the same? The Nariki set comes with the Gaburevolver, Gaburicalibur, and the sword with the dino heads on it. I haven’t seen a review of the Narikiri set, so I assume it is the same.

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