Review: Zyuden Mobuckle (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Zyuden Mobuckle
Retail Release – February, 2013 – ¥2,600


Gaburincho! Get your Mobuckle from CSToys International!

As we’ve seen with Shinkenger, Goseiger, and Gokaiger, every gimmick must come with a buckle! The Zyuden Mobuckle was released when the show premiered in February, 2013 for ¥2,600. The Mobuckle is the main buckle of the Kyoryugers. By pressing the button on the left side, the Mobuckle turns on its side. Here, the Kyoryuger can open it up to reveal up to three Zyudenchi, often being additional copies of their main Zyudenryu Zyudenchi. The Mobuckle can also be removed from the main portion of the belt and apparently be used as a communication device between the Kyoryugers and possibly Torin. Despite that, the toy itself has no electronic functions. No lights, no sounds, nothing. The toy does however come with one Zyudenchi, number 16, Beyonsmo, based off of a Seismosaurus. The Zyudenchi makes an all new sound in the Gaburevolver, as well as two new attack sounds. While actually looking kinda neat, and functioning as a nice holder for three Zyudenchi for whatever reason you may need, the toy is a bit of a let down thanks to the lack of sounds and overall lack of functions. The inclusion of a Zyudenchi makes one more inclined to purchase, and I do have to say I think it’s a helpful storage unit for taking Zyudenchi with you to conventions, vacations, or your friend’s house, if you do that kind of thing on a regular basis. If you can get it for cheaper than retail, I think it’s a pretty neat pick up for that reason alone. Playability wise, the toy just sort of lacks.

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  1. Hey. Can this item be used as a card holder for daily use instead? Will it fit cards and money etc.

  2. #kamen rider gaim kuuga arms

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