Review: Zyudenchi Set 01 (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Zyudenchi Set 01
Retail Release – February, 2013 – ¥900


Gaburincho! Grab your first set of Zyudenchi from CSToys International!

After the huge success of the Ranger Key Sets, gimmicks return to the Sentai toy line with Kyoryuger! Here we have our first Zyudenchi Set. The first set was released at the premier of the show (despite none of these batteries being used in the show’s first two episodes) in February 2013 for only ¥900. Each set includes three new Zyudenchi to add to your collection and activate a plethora of new sounds in the Gaburevolver and Gabutyra toys! The first set includes 17: Ovirappoo (Oviraptor), 18: Igeranodon (Iguanodon), and 19: Tuperanda (Tapejara). The Ovirappoo Zyudenchi is by far the most hysterical thing ever. In the Gaberevolver it’s attack phrase is “Puuun!” which sounds a lot like poo. Secondly, if you put it in Gabutyra while Kyoryuzin, it will also “Puuuun!” while making a farting sound. I love this battery. For Ovirapoo alone, this is a great set! The other two batteries are great too, and Tuperanda is a pretty nifty Abaranger reference, even if it is unintentional. You also get a great Dice-O card featuring Kyoryu Red and Red Buster in the newest Dice-O card style. Be careful though, the package makes no direct reference of it, and it is tucked away inside the cardboard insert of the set. Don’t throw it away! Overall, this is a fantastic set and definitely worth the low price. The amount of new sounds you get off of these three batteries alone is great (roughly 9 new sounds and a bunch of new combinations!). Bandai’s got a hit on their hands for sure.


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