V-Log: Dinos, Promos, and Rambles!

As promised, here’s a V-Log involving Kyoryuzin. Granted I only show the box and discuss the review for a few minutes. The rest of this long V-Log in which I unbox nothing involves me talking a whole bunch. Exciting! First I tackle the reviewing of Danball Senki’s LBX Models. It’s something I’ve really gotten into, and I want to spread how awesome this franchise is to my viewers. It will begin with the Hyper Function kits, and I’ll move into my supply of actual LBX Models once those are complete. My plan is to collect the original series LBXs as they are released here in the US, and collect the Danball Senki Wars kits as they are released in Japan. Hope that works for everyone! I also discuss my latest gift from Isamu’s shirt store, tokuthreads.spreadshirt.com! I received an Akiba Red shirt, Akiba Red iPhone5 case, set of Skull pins, and set of TaJaDol pins! Quite a lot for a freebie, so I’m incredibly thankful for it. Everyone check out his work. 🙂 Finally I answer some frequently asked questions I get from people who are noisy or can’t Google properly. Yeah, I talk too much.

Be sure to check out Isamu’s Toku Threads at tokuthreads.spreadshirt.com!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

02-22-13From Isamu’s Toku Threads:
• Akiba Red shirt
• Akiba Red iPhone5 case
• Skull buttons
• TaJaDol buttons

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

02-28-13From AmiAmi:
• Kyoryuger – Kamitsuki Gattai DX Kyoryujin

[youtube http://youtu.be/EacB4ZsAuLQ]

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