Haul: 03-04-12

So when I woke up this morning I was surprised to see my Postal App notified me that my two CSToys Payment Boxes were at the post office! They arrived about an hour later when the mail got here. In this payment Mr. S supplied me with a bunch of Gashapon Astro Switches? If no one has noticed, I’m collecting Fourze stuff on the side, using it as Mandarake package fodder, collecting freebies, or just buying stuff on the cheap. I’ve actually amassed quite a few! Also included is a vinyl of the Horse Orphnoc, the Gokaiger Ranger Spinner Game, and Rei and Asuka Microman figures from Evangelion. Not even sure why Mr. S had those to give me, but I like Evangelion, so I won’t complain! He also threw in a Kyoryuger cardboard poster with a checklist of Zyudenchi, as well as a bunch of small cardboard promotional strips. I’ve got a W one set up on my computer desk, so I’ll have to put up some of these as well! Thanks Mr. S! It’s a pleasure working with you.

Monday, March 4th, 2013


From CSToys:
• Gokaiger – Ranger Spinner
• Faiz – RKS01S – Horse Orphnoch
• Microman – Rei Ayanami
• Microman – Asuka
• Fourze – Hopping Switch (Capsule Set 12)
• Fourze – Smoke Switch (Capsule Set 12)
• Fourze – Spike Switch (Capsule Set 12)
• Fourze – Water Switch (Capsule Set 11)
• Fourze – Pen Switch (Capsule Set 11)
• Fourze – Screw Switch (Capsule Set 12)
• Fourze – Hand Switch (Capsule Set 11)
• Fourze – Giant Foot Switch (Capsule Set 12)
• Fourze – Aero Switch (Capsule Set 12)
• Kyoryuger Poster and Promotional Strips

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