Review: Kamitsuki Gattai DX Kyoryuzin (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Kamitsuki Gattai DX Kyoryuzin
Retail Release – February, 2013 – ¥7,800


Gaburincho! Grab your DX Kyoryuzin from CSToys International!

Gaburincho! I hope you’re not tired of that phrase yet, because be prepared to hear it a billion times. The main mecha of Kyoryuger is none other than the Kamitsuki Gattai (Snapping Combination) DX Kyoryuzin! At least that’s how the cockpit romanizes it. For all extensive purposes it is Kyoryujin, but I’ll be using the romanization Toei and Bandai throw at me, just like the idiocy that is TaJaDol. Anyway, he was released a week after the show’s debut in February, 2013 for a whopping ¥7,800. Just because Go-Buster’s “main mecha” was tiny and cost less doesn’t mean he’s expensive. Plus he has sounds! Gabutyra is a massive beast taking up most of the box’s retail space (and it’s a HUGE box). He takes 2 AAA batteries to power his sounds. Inside his mouth is a full functioning Zyudenchi reader. With no Zyudenryu attached to his ports, Gabutyra simply reads the Zyudenchi with a “Gaburincho” and the name of the Zyudenchi. It can store up to three reads in the memory before it starts to overwrite them. The first will function as the right arm Zyudenryu. The second will act as the left arm Zyudenryu. The last will function as the body, which doesn’t get announced in any manner, so it doesn’t particularly matter which one is used here. This means that even if Steogtchi and Dricera are used as the arms, it will still announce whatever you have inserted into Gabutyra, creating Kyoryuzin combinations with things like Ovirappoo (which makes farting noises) and Igeranodon (which sounds like it’s molesting you). Regardless, if you use Stegotchi and Dricera like you’re supposed too, you’ll hear the Kyoryuzin jingle after you insert the Zyudenryu and all will be nice in the world. Because of Gabutyra’s size, Kyoryuzin is a pretty massive guy, but his height is pretty standard among Sentai mecha nowadays (GokaiOh and Go-BusterOh were both pretty big). Articulation wise, you’ve only got the rotation in the hip and shoulder, not counting a little bobblehead action. While in their individual Zyudenryu modes, the Zyudenryu don’t have much in the way of movement either, only having it their hips and mouth, which is all for transformation. Despite that, this guy is incredible. Just the sheer amount of  sounds that are capable in this toy is a great gimmick to include in the mecha. Even if you don’t get the Gaburevolver (for whatever reason), you still have an outlet and a reason to buy more Zyudenchi. Honestly, the unified gimmick between mecha and role play is great, and something that worked well for Go-Onger. If you’re on the fence, definitely pick this guy up. If you weren’t planning on it, give it a thought! Easily a mecha with huge playability potential. Even if you add no other Zyudenryu, Gabutyra’s functions alone are phenomenal and make Kyoryuzin a worthy pick up.

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