Haul: 03-05-13

Shopping day! Was out getting some doggie supplies, as well as picking up Wreck-It Ralph. While at Target I did find all three Evolution Sets, so I picked those up. Review will come sometime soon after the Kyoryuger flood dies down. Jeff also found Ninjini at GameStop right next to Target, so he grabbed it for me while he was there before I managed to get out of the house. It was also a huge movie day for me. On top of Wreck-It Ralph I also picked up Clash of the Red Rangers, mostly for the ACG Card inside. Mom also got me Game of Thrones Season 2 as an early birthday present, and I picked up the Blu-ray of Tiger & Bunny Volume 1 because I really want to see the dub and I’m too impatient for a full series release or a random sale on Amazon or something. Now to see if I can manage the entirety of Season 2 of Game of Thrones before Season 3 starts this month. I’ve got the entire month to get that done on top of the first part of Series 7 of Doctor Who, so I guess I’m in alright shape. Hopefully Bella doesn’t mind watching Game of Thrones with me since I know Cat won’t. Is there any dog slaughter in Season 2? I don’t think she’d like seeing her own kind get mutilated.

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013


From GameStop:
• Skylanders Giants – Ninjini

From Target:
• Pokémon – Tomy Pokémon 3-Pack: Oshawott
• Pokémon Tomy Pokémon 3-Pack: Snivy
• Pokémon Tomy Pokémon 3-Pack: Tepig
• DVD – Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Rangers The Movie
• Blu-Ray – Wreck-It Ralph

From Walmart:
• Blu-Ray – Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season
• Blu-Ray – Tiger & Bunny: Set 1 (Ep. 1-13)


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