Meet Bella, the ShukuenShinobi Spokesdog!



Actually she’s just my new pet, but I feel like being named the ShukuenShinobi spokesdog gives her a strong sense of empowerment and justice. It takes the right kind of dog to sponsor someone like me. I need to hook her up with a ShukuenShinobi branded dog shirt and collar. Okay, joking aside, Cat and I have been looking for puppies the past couple weeks. After taking care of my friend Jeff’s dog, Isabell (who made a V-Log cameo or two), the house felt really empty without a dog running around. My Dad in particular has still been missing Pugsly, my family’s older dog who died several years ago, and frankly I never really got over it either. I adore dogs, and not having one was always a bummer since Pugsly passed. We got the okay from Mom to have a new dog in the house, and went about searching. After visits to a number of shelters, rescue facilities, and pet stores, we resorted to Craig’s List of all places. We found an ad for a Brindle Pug that was free! Unfortunately, despite the fact that we were the first to contact, and only needed about 2 hours to talk it over with the entire family, the bitch gave the dog away and proceeded to not answer any of our messages or calls until late in the evening. Thanks for restoring my faith that there are complete assholes in this world.

Though it turns out it was a blessing in disguise (at least I hope), as the following day, Cat found an ad for a Miniature Pinscher puppy for only $75. My aunt had a MinPin for…wow, a really long time before she finally passed about 2 years ago from health complications (diabetes mostly) and old age. Maxie, my aunt’s dog, was my first experience in getting a dog, and having spent so much time with Maxie, I knew the breed really well. After meeting Bella, the MinPin puppy, it was more or less a really strong feeling that she was the right one for us. Now I’ll admit I have a strong bias towards MinPins because of my experience with Maxie. I’m all for familiarity, and I guess having Bella around kinda fills the void Puglsy left in my life (lack of dog), as well as the void Maxie left in my life (lack of MinPin) so she more or less filled two pits in my heart. Honestly, going into the puppy search, I never would have thought I’d be getting a MinPin. They’re a bit of a handful, as she likes to dig around the garbage cans, nibble on fingers, jump all over you, and just all around be a bundle of energy. Regardless, Bella so far has shown a lot of control all things considered, and despite being 7 months old only, is already potty trained and behaving exceptionally well. We’ve had a few accidents, but being a hyperactive puppy in an all new home, she gets the benefit of the doubt on this one.

She’s a precious little thing, and I hope she stays with Cat and myself for several years to come. I’m sure she’ll make several V-Log appearances as time goes on. Here’s to some good years in our future Bella. I’ll keep sharing various photos of her through my blog here, Facebook, and Twitter. 😀


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  1. I know from experience losing a pet can be painful and also leaves you hesitant from getting other pets I had two cats and a dog die through out the years all hit by cars before they had the chance to grow old, I’m glad Bella has been able to heal your pain….having lived with both I prefer cats I think its because I have cat like tendencies but that is an adorable dog I can see why she stole your heart.

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