Review: Zyudenryu Series 01: Zakutor & 02: Parasagun (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Zyudenryu Series 01: Zakutor & Zyudenryu Series 02: Parasagun
Retail Releases – March, 2013 – ¥2,600 Each


Gabunrincho! Grab your Zakutor from CSToys International!
Gaburincho! Grab your Parasagun from CSToys International!

Gaburincho! Zakutor! Parasagun! This year’s auxiliary mecha line is the Zyudenryu Series. Each release contains one Zyudenryu along with their respective Zyudenchi. The first two to be released were Zakutor and Parasagun, the Zyudenryu partners of Kyoryu Green and Kyoryu Black respectively. Each costs ¥2,600, reasonablly priced for an extra mecha and a gimmick add-on. Zakutor is based off a raptor. When a Zyudenchi is inserted, his tail will split open to make a really weird claw/scooper weapon. Parasagun is a parasaurolophus. When a Zyudenchi is inserted into him, his tail will split open to reveal a gun. After a few flips, you can attach Zakutor and Parasagun to Kyoryuzin to create Kyoryuzin Western. I’m not really sure what makes it Western (Western as in “Yeehaw” not Western as in America, though “Yeehaw” could be America but that’s an argument for a different day) as it is just a gun and a claw but whatever. I’m not really impressed. Kyoryuzin has rather streamlined arms, but Kyoryuzin Western’s arms are quite a bit thicker, the mouths have a bottom frill that stick out quite a bit, and obviously the arms being weapons hide the hands quite a bit to the point where you forget they are there, especially on Parasagun. While I don’t like the overall look, I like the concept, and the Red/Green/Black color scheme is pretty neat. I know a lot of people are gonna whine about the core five not being able to combine, but I rather like this concept. Until Pteragodon comes along, it allows two of the five members to fight elsewhere while three tackle the big bad. It’s a concept that was never really used and I think it will be interesting for the few episodes we don’t have a sixth Ranger. Even though I’m not a fan of Western, they’re great little dinosaurs on their own, and I quite enjoy them and what they add to the toy line.

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