Haul: 03-11-13 & 03-12-13

Boxes and shit! So on the 11th my HLJ box got here. They’re having a Bandai sale, and with the Bandai sale, comes loads of Go-Busters and Fourze items on sale! Since the only Go-Buster item I don’t have is the Li-Oh Blaster (which was still too expensive for me), I just stuck with getting some super cheap Fourze toys. Check out the sale over at HLJ for cheap stuff. My two SAL Mandarake boxes also arrived. This order started with me getting some of the Rider/Exclusive Wizard Rings I’ve missed out on while using some Fourze shit as package filler. It ended with me only getting Fourze toys. In order to counteract this, I grabbed the RHS of Nashiki (Hibiki’s main releases are complete now, just need the few exclusive ones like Eiki and Danki and shit) and the Detail of Heroes book for Double. Yay suit porn!

Oh yeah, I went to Target and found Carracosta. I don’t know how to review him…I guess I’ll review one singular Pokémon? I DON’T KNOW. Also Rise of the Guardians is a fantastic movie. Everyone should go rent it or watch it somehow.

Monday, March 11th, 2013

03-11-13From HLJ:
• Fourze – Foodroid Series 02: Potechokin
• Fourze – DX Astro Switch Kaban
• Fourze – DX Billy the Rod
• Fourze – Astro Switch Set 02

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

03-12-13From Mandarake:
• Fourze – Foodroid Series 03: Hulashake
• Fourze – Astro Switch Set 03
• Fourze – Legend Rider Switch Set 01
• Fourze – Legend Rider Switch Set 03
• Fourze – Legend Rider Switch Set 05
• Hibiki – Rider Hero Series EX: Kamen Rider Nashiki
• Double – Kirifuda: Detail of Heroes 05

03-12-13_1From Target:
• Pokémon – Tomy Clip N Carry Poké Ball: Carracosta
• The Game of Life ZappED Edition
• Blu-Ray – Rise of the Guardians




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