Review: Zyudenchi Set 02 (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Zyudenchi Set 02
Retail Release – March, 2013 – ¥900


Gaburincho! Grab Zyudenchi Set 02 from CSToys International!

The second set of Zyudenchi was released at the beginning of March, 2013 alongside Zakutor and Parasagun (despite none of these batteries being used in the show during episodes 1-4) for only ¥900. Each set includes three new Zyudenchi to add to your collection and activate a plethora of new sounds in the Gaburevolver and Gabutyra toys! The second set includes 20: Gurumonite (Ammonite), 21: Archenolon (Archelon), and 22: Pukuptor (Fukuiraptor). While this set doesn’t have something like Ovirappoo to make it an instant win, the creatures in this set are really cool. Sure, Pukuptor is another raptor specie, but you get an ammonite and an archelon (ancient turtle) as well! That alone makes it pretty awesome. I love the fact that Kyoryuger is a dinosaur Sentai that isn’t afraid to think far outside the box and hit up some very ancient species of animals. The amount of new sounds you get off of these three batteries alone is great (roughly 9 new sounds and a bunch of new combinations!). Definitely a great pick up for those that have been collecting so far.


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