Review: Pokémon – Tomy Catch ‘N’ Return Poké Ball Series 1

Pokémon – Catch ‘N’ Return Poké Ball Series 1
$10.99 at Most Major Retailers (Purchased from Target)


To branch out the new Pokémon line even further past singular figure packs, Tomy has released a second Poké Ball based series with the Catch ‘N’ Return Poké Balls. Each set includes one Poké Ball, a pedestal for the Pokémon to stand on, and one Monster Collection figure. Each set retails for $10.99, but the price may very by retailer. Unlike the Clip ‘N’ Carry Poké Balls, these Poké Balls feature wheels and a pull back gimmick. Pull the Poké Ball back, let go, and watch it roll forward as it hits the pedestal, knocks the Pokémon in, closes, and rolls backwards into your hand. As simple as it is, it’s actually a really fun gimmick. If you get enough Pokémon, pedestals (or something to act as a substitute, like some wooden blocks or something), and some friends, and you can turn this into a fun game by seeing who can capture the most Pokémon. You can even assign point totals to Pokémon based upon where they are placed. The possibilites are huge, so have fun with it and make your own game. Collectibility wise, they do give you a nice selection of Poké Balls, even if the Luxury and Ultra Balls are also in the Clip ‘N’ Carry assortment as well. The Monster Collection toys included in these are a Pikachu (standing), as well as Tornadus, Thunderus, and Landorus in their Incarnate Forms. If you have no interest in the Poké Balls, then by all means skip these releases, as $10.99 for one figure is absurd. The desire to wait is even higher when you consider how easy the Genies could be thrown into some 2-Packs, or even a 3-Pack together. While I recommend them based on the fun factor of the gimmick, if it doesn’t interest you, passing on these is a no-brainer.

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