Review: Danball Senki – Hyper Function LBX Achilles & AX-00

Hyper Function LBX Achilles & AX-00
Retail Release – January, 2013 – ¥3,200


My venture into the world of LBX’s started around the time W (Danball Senki, not Kamen Rider) started with my purchase of Triton. It’s been a while, but I finally decided to dive into doing LBX reviews with the start of a whole new line of LBX, Hyper Function. The first Hyper Function was released in January and consists of a pack containing a Core Skeleton and armor for AX-00 and Achilles, Ban’s first two LBX models. Despite having two different armors, only one Core Skeleton is in the set, so you can only pose Achilles or AX-oo and not both at the same time. The set retailed for ¥3,200 a bit more than the individual Hyper Function kits that will retail for ¥2,500. Given the fact that this is a set with two armors, the slight price increase makes sense.

The basis of the Hyper Function line consists of first building a Core Skeleton that will function as the base of the figure. It can be posed entirely on its own, and is a lot like building a lot of standard LBX kits, just without all the armor being built in. Keep following the instructions to build the various armor pieces for AX-00 and Achilles. It’s nothing too difficult, and only consists of plugging a few pieces together. It’s worth noting that sticker wise, this kit only has stickers for the Core Skeleton’s eyes and AX-00’s weapon. That’s it! All the other details and colors on these figures are made up entirely of different plastics. Fantastic I say!

AX-00 is a nice inclusion for those who jumped on this new line early (Achilles is releasing this month by himself without the AX-00 armor). AX-00 never got an actual kit back when the original Danball was on, so to see it get a Hyper Function armor is fantastic, and he looks really neat! Unfortunately he gets pretty outshined by how gorgeous Achilles looks. While I like having the options, this set leaves me with wanting to buy Achilles all over again to get a Core Skeleton for the AX-00 armor, so I’d almost rather have seen separate releases or have this kit include a second Core Skeleton. Despite that, both figures this kit makes are great, and definitely the definitive (yet affordable!) LBX experience  The characters in the show build armor onto a Core Skeleton, and now with they Hyper Function line, the at home experience can be just like the show. While the main LBX kits are great, this Hyper Function line takes the cake on articulation, ease of build, affordability, and all around awesomeness. Definitely recommended to fans of the series looking for an all around awesome toy.


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  1. Since you got this one, you gonna nab The Emperor Hyper Function kit, too?

    I wanted to get the regular model kits, especially one for Hunter; but if this series line just came out this year, I guess I can wait. Though if it’s just gonna be Achilles and Emperor, I’ll be somewhat disappointed.

    • I actually hadn’t realized I never had it in an order, and forgot it was released. It’s set to ship with my May box, so it’ll be reviewed in May hopefully. 🙂

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