Stockpile Sunday Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Eternal Red Flare

S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Eternal Red Flare
Toei Hero Net Exclusive – December, 2011 – ¥3,675


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Our next Stockpile Sunday takes us back to Futo…sorta, with the December, 2011 release of Kamen Rider Eternal Red Flare. This is the form Eternal had in the Kamen Rider Eternal prequel movie that was released as part of the Kamen Rider W Returns films. It was distributed for ¥3,675 through Toei Hero Net. Red Flare is a remold of the original Eternal, using the W body as a base but with Eternal’s iconic head. This is great, but the issue here is the level of bland the figure has. Eternal’s white base worked great because it had the metallic blue, as well as the multiple black Gaia Memory Slots to break up the sea of white. This figure doesn’t have that obviously, creating a big white Rider with some fancy red gloves pretty much. While I love the colors used, the white is just extremely heavy, and doesn’t work as well as Joker’s black finish. My figure also suffers from really loose shoulders. They don’t droop automatically, but it’s hard to keep them in a decent pose without the slightest touch moving them around. Red Flare comes with six additional hands, as well as a new cape for the original Kamen Rider Eternal. Overall, Eternal is an alright release that isn’t worth the retail price, or anything higher than ¥2,500 or so for that matter. Just go get the original Eternal.


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