Haul: 03-24-13

Yeah, I bit the bullet. I’ve honestly been eyeing a 3DSXL for the longest time. I love Pokémon more than anything on the planet, and despite my often rash nature toward Pikachu, I do love the little fella. A bit turned off by the white interior (why not just make it all yellow?) but I actually really like it. Target had these for $159.99, $40 off the MSRP. I got this one from Toys R Us though. Getting it from TRU gave me the option of either price matching Target, or buying it for $179.99 and getting a $20 gift card. I opted to do the price match so that my bank account would have $20 I could put toward things like food or AmiAmi bills as opposed to being restricted to TRU, which apparently isn’t getting things I want to buy anytime soon. To those on the fence about the XL, if you can get past the slightly larger exterior, it’s a great experience. having the larger screens is already an improvement to me. Can’t wait to see if the Charizard version is ever released, or if X and Y get a cool release. The current plan is to get either of those when they are released and Cat can take the Pikachu one.

Honestly though, my work received four of these. The store opened at 10 AM, I got there at 10:05 AM. One was gone already, and the other three were sold consecutively to the three people in line, the last being myself. It was like an IRL version of a CSToys or AmiAmi shopping spree. GameStops were only getting 2 per store in my area, and when I checked Target after work they were gone. I imagine some stores like K-Mart or Meijer might still have their stock given the $199.99 price tag and such, but it seems this release might be a bit sought after. It’s sold out on Amazon, TRU, Walmart, GameStop, and Target’s online sites. Unless Nintendo does another run of these, expect to pay a hefty price on the after market. Pika Power I suppose.

Also picked up Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon from GameStop. Huge thanks to my bros Jeff and Ron for paying off the pre-order as my birthday present. For those curious, I do plan on getting Mystery Dungeon, but I’m probably gonna either wait, download it from the eShop, or just get it pretty soon and wait to play it, as TRU’s BOGO 40% deal is hard to pass up, given I still want to buy Ni No Kuni. Hmm. Ah well, time to go hunt ghosts.

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

03-24-13From Toys R Us:
• Pikachu 3DS XL

From GameStop:
• 3DS – Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon


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