Review: S.H.Figuarts x Figuarts ZERO – Vasco & Sally

S.H.Figuarts x Figuarts ZERO – Vasco & Sally
Tamashii Web Exclusive – December, 2012 – ¥5,775


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Fans were excited when Tamashii finally revealed that they would be releasing Vasco (Basco was used as the romanization, but the figure uses Vasco as a reference to his namesake Vasco da Gama) along with his trusty monkey Sally. In a unique twist, Sally is actually a Figuarts ZERO release, while Vasco is a full on S.H.Figuarts release. The set was sold through Tamashii Web for ¥5,775 and was released in December, 2012. Included with Vasco is his Cariblade (the cutlass weapon), the Cariblaster (gun), his unique Mobirates, and of course the Rapparatta, the trumpet Vasco used to summon Rangers, steal Grand Powers, and play some killer tunes. Vasco also includes ten additional hands to hold all those nifty trinkets. Sally, being a Figuarts ZERO doesn’t come with much, but she does come with the necklace Vasco gave her. Now I’m crying again. Vasco, being a villain, is an absolutely awesome release that reminds me a lot of Nasca in build, articulation, and sculpt. Naturally his fluffy butt carpet will get in the way of his leg articulation, but outside of that, despite his appearance, nothing is really hindered on the figure. To top it off, the paint is nice, and the sculpt is phenomenal as always. Sally is a Figuarts ZERO, meaning she doesn’t move at all. Despite that, she is really adorable and has that durpy grin the suit always had. Her coloring seems a bit deep compared to the suit, but it’s still a nice inclusion that Tamashii could have easily ignored. I’m glad she saw the light of day. Fans of Gokaiger should not pass this up, especially if you have the other Gokaiger S.H.Figuarts releases. While certainly not a must own, the figure has very little flaws, the inclusion of Sally is a wonderful addition, and the set in general is all around worth it. He’s a bit more difficult to find on the aftermarket, but if you see him for a decent price, grab him and Sally while you can. Definitely worth it.

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