Haul: 03-28-13

Despite working five days in a row, I forgot to pick up my check from work every time I worked. When I was working last night a really hyper girl came through my line with a weird looking plush dinosaur. With my weird knowledge of dinosaurs because of Kyoryuger, I knew it was my favorite Zyudenchi, an Oviraptor. Honestly the fact that we live in a world where it’s plausible to make a plush Oviraptor is incredible. Needless to say I went and bought one because Ovirappoo is my Zyudenryu for life. Also was doing grocery shopping at Meijer and seen they had all the Chima Speedorz sets on sale so I picked up all the ones I needed, along with a cool crocodile car thing. I really do love the Chima line. The show is pretty rad too. Anyway, I’m gonna go hang out with my Oviraptor and play video games.

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

03-28-13From Toys R Us:
• Plush Oviraptor

From Meijer:
• LEGO Legends of Chima – Speedorz 05: Chi Waterfall (with Leonidas)
• LEGO Legends of Chima – Speedorz 06: Boulder Bowling (with Crowminus)
• LEGO Legends of Chima – Speedorz 08: Nest Dive (with Eglor)
• LEGO Legends of Chima – Speedorz 09: Ice Tower (with Winzar)
• LEGO Legends of Chima – Crawley’s Claw Ripper (with Crawley and Leonidas)


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