Power Rangers ACG – Guardians of Justice

Power Rangers Action Card Game: Guardians of Justice
Booster Packs: $3.99-$4.99 each


Boxes can be purchased at:
Potomac Distribution for $39.00
Atomic Empire for $47.90

The Action Card Game’s first set was released at the beginning of February. Two months later, Bandai already hits us with the second set: Guardians of Justice. Unlike the first set, there are no theme decks associated with the set, and all 115 cards are found strictly in the Booster Packs. The set was officially released on Saturday, March 30th, and should be hitting stores throughout the week. Each booster pack costs $3.99 at most major retailers, but Booster Boxes of 15 Booster Packs can be found at card distributors for as low as $40. Search around and you might find a good deal!

As states, Guardians of Justice contains 115 new cards for the Action Card Game. These cards contain cards from MMPR (villains), In Space (Rangers and villains), Lost Galaxy (Rangers and villains), Ninja Storm (Rangers and villains), S.P.D. (Rangers, villains, Megazords), Mystic Force (Rangers, villains, and Megazords), RPM (Rangers, Zords, and Megazords), Samurai (Rangers, villains, support, Zords, and Megazords), and Megaforce (Rangers, Zords, and Megazords). This brings our ACG representation to quite a few seasons, with that list only expanding more once the third set is released. While the game is flooded with Samurai and Megaforce related cards, it’s great to see a set that has other popular seasons representing a majority of the cards. Personally I was excited to see S.P.D. and Mystic Force represented, as those are two of my favorite seasons.

Noteworthy cards in this set include the Red Dragon Fire Ranger (Mystic Force’s Battlizer) and the Gold Samurai Ranger in Mega Mode, our first two cards featuring Power Ranger exclusive forms. Both are Ultra Rares, and are sure to fetch a lot of cash and be the most sought after cards of the set. This set also introduces a variety of villain cards from MMPR, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Ninja Storm, and Samurai, giving villain decks a lot more ammunition to work with. Also introduced in this set are Bulk and Mentor Ji (which are technically two more Power Ranger exclusives) which act as support cards, a new type of card to use in battle. They act just like Rangers or villains, but are incredibly weak. They usually have a helpful effect to counteract the fact that they are bound to lose. This set also introduces cards with the Scroll and Dual abilities. Scroll lets you do a second Judgement and change the RPS type depending on what Judgement you receive. Dual lets the card act as two cards when paying for the summon cost of a card. Now that all of these have been released, all card types and abilities can be found in the Booster Packs.

The set contains 7 Ultra Rares and 12 Super Rares. I purchased two boxes (30 Packs) and was able to get all 12 Super Rares, and 5 of 7 Ultra Rares, but your milage may vary, as cards are all the luck of the draw. Each box will net you 3-4 Ultra Rares, so you’ll need to buy multiple boxes to complete a set without trading. Between the two boxes I have 113/115 cards, missing only the two Ultra Rare cards, those being Mega Mode Gold Samurai Ranger and the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. Not bad at all! Thankfully I did get two Ultra Rare extras and a few extra Super Rares to use as trade ammo, so I should be able to complete my set soon.

This is a fantastic set, and ads a lot to our season tally, and to the game itself. While I still think the ACG isn’t as fun as a Power Rangers Card Game could be, it’s a game that’s easy to pick up and play, but still has several elements of skill involved. As with most Card Games, who wins all comes down to the luck of the draw. The official Bandai site has a fairly decent tutorial available. They also have an online game to play in which you pick a themed deck and play against an AI opponent. While it’s certainly fun, I hope Bandai works on an online system so people can verse actual people using cards from their collection. Given how the ACG has no tournament support yet, it’s hard to get into a card game when you have no one to battle against. Hopefully the game grows and sees features like these.

Definitely an improvement over the monotony that was Rise of Heroes. Can’t wait until the third set hits in the Summer. Happy hunting!

Below is my unboxing video for Guardians of Justice. I fully unpackage one box, while the other box I simply show which Super or Ultra Rare was inside. Enjoy!

[youtube http://youtu.be/q5cWFoKaoKc]

Below are some great ACG resources:

Visit HAVortexDude on YouTube for tutorial videos and videos showing the full collections with the Card Scanner App!

Visit RangerCrew (MegaforceCast) for a full databse of known ACG Cards, what phrases they make in the Gosei Morpher, and their associated clip in the Card Scanner App! Truly an incredible database for the ACG.

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