Review: Zyudenryu Series 03: Ankydon

Zyudenryu Series 03: Ankydon
Retail Release – March, 2013 – ¥2,600


Gaburincho! Grab your Ankydon at CSToys International!

The next Zyudenryu released is Ankydon! He was released during his debut on the show in March, 2013 for the reasonable price of ¥2,600. Ankydon is the Zyudenryu partner of Kyoryu Cyan, Ramires. In the past, there were 10 Kyoryuger, with a second team presumably led by Kyoryu Gold, even though it’s said they worked mostly independent of one another. Like all other “arm” Zyudenryu, Ankydon shares a mold with Stegotchi and Dricera. Ankydon has a big gray spikey plate on his back. When a Zyudenchi is inserted, the hammer on his tail flips out of his back and becomes his tail. Ankydon is a bright cyan color, which matches well with Dricera’s pink. Together (with Gabutyra) they form Kyoryuzin Macho! Apparently macho is cyan and pink! This gives Kyoryuzin a hammer on one arm and a drill on the other, making for a pretty interesting combination, and my favorite of the currently available forms. The Ankydon Zyudenchi is obviously included and gives us even more sounds in Kyoryuzin and the Gaburevolver. Ankydon is a fantastic release, and my enjoyment of Ramires in the show makes me like him even more. If you’ve got all the components so far, there’s no reason to skip out on this guy. Really cool. ANKYDON! COME ON!


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